eBuddy Buyers’ Shopping Guide

      We make your online shopping easy and convenient. Browse your way through an array of goods – from fashion finds and gadgets to household and gift, and all you need to be doing is “select an item drop it to your virtual eBuddy shopping cart.”

      And here is an even more rewarding experience for you: as an eBuddy shopper, you get cashback on every purchase. But first, you need to set up an eBuddy account and allow us to provide you convenience. With a registered account, we will keep your billing and shipping information and preferences for quicker checkout on your next purchases. A registered account with us also gives you access to features like the Wish List, where you can keep the desired items you would like to purchase on some later occasion. When you sign up for an eBuddy account, you also opt-in to receive email notifications about current promo offers and deals to help you save. That’s pretty exciting!

      It’s totally FREE! Create an eBuddy account now!

      If you are set for shopping, this guide will help you:

      Search your way!
      Type the name of the product you want to buy into the search box. Tip: you can further refine your search by typing in specific keywords – such as “leather bags on sale”. Proceed to “Search” button next to the search box. Alternatively, you can go browse into a specific category (such as 'Electronics') and surf until you find a brand, product, or style you like.

      Select the best!
      Once you have set your eyes on an item or found the product/brand you are interested in buying, click on the image or name of the product and a page will load up to show you the description and other details about the product.

      Click “Add to Cart” to reserve the item you selected. You can go ahead enjoy exploring our virtual shelves and do more “window-shopping” while we save the details of your selected item until you’re ready to check it out - just as if you’ve placed something you want to bring home into a real shopping basket. You will then be directed to your virtual shopping cart where you can opt to 'Checkout' or 'Continue Shopping'.

      If you wish to proceed and purchase, click "Checkout.” A new page will then load up to display a form where you will need to complete with your name, contact and delivery details. If you’re happy to go on with your purchase, click “Continue” then wait for a new page to display a summary of your order. You will find here the complete billing and delivery details. After you have verified all information, click “Continue.”

      Sum it up!
      Finally, indicate your preferred mode of payment. If you’re happy to place your payment, click “Proceed.”
      Please remember, you may only CANCEL an order as long as the Merchant has not yet confirmed it.

      Seal the deal!
      After we have received, processed, and posted your order, we will send a confirmation email. You can track the progress of your order on its way to delivery under your Purchase History.

      Learn more how we can assist in your shopping. Check out:
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