Shipping & Delivery

      eBuddy uses the best carriers in the business to make sure your order gets to you on time. Learn more about shipping and delivery estimates, methods, when can you expect your order... we will keep you informed.

      Delivery Time
      After you have placed an order, we will send an Order Acknowledgement email to confirm your order details, including shipping and delivery estimates for your purchase (or for every item in your order list).

      You can also sign in with your eBuddy access details to see your order number, the status of the order, and the date and time the order was placed. For orders that have been shipped, you can also check the estimated shipping and delivery dates, the carrier, along with the package tracking information.

      Shipping and delivery estimates
      As soon as the item on your order has been confirmed available, our delivery timeframe starts – this is an estimate of when your order will prepare for delivery and ship from our vendor’s stockroom to date and estimated time the item will be delivered to your shipping address.

      Note that all estimates are based on business days. While our vendors commit the deliver most items on the following business day, we will also indicate the expected delivery time for orders with longer estimates -- for example, 5-8 business days.

      When can you expect and how can you track your order?
      Once your vendor has entrusted your ordered item to the carrier for delivery, you can track your delivery details under your Purchase History. Note that all delivery lead times are estimated -- this calculation is based on the distance from our vendor’s stockroom location to your address. Delivery will take 3-5 business days within Metro Manila and 7-10 business days outside Metro Manila after the order has shipped. If you placed multiple orders, you may receive separate deliveries.

      For your convenience, you may alternately prefer to have your order delivered to your office address. If you choose to deliver to your office, we advise that you include the business/company name in your shipping address. Please note that if you opt for this method, you order may be consign with reception.

      We encourage you to opt for the text message so you can also keep track of your order while you’re on mobile.

      What time will my order be delivered?
      Unless otherwise indicated by your order’s vendor, deliveries are made during usual office hours, or between 9am and 6pm. eBuddy, our vendors, and our assigned carriers are unable to provide an exact time of delivery. To check if you (or your assigned recipient) can personally receive the delivery, our carriers will make their best efforts to make a call prior to delivery.

      Proof of delivery/signature on delivery
      Our carriers require a signature on delivery as proof that the item has been received. If you are not around to accept delivery of your product, we advise that you consider shipping your order where someone you trust will be able to sign for your package.

      Missing or damaged item
      In case of any problems with your delivery, eBuddy will be in direct contact with the carrier to attend to your concerns as promptly as possible with as little inconvenience to you. Please be assured that our Customer Service team will make every effort to address the concern.